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Discover Medical Excellence in Turkey

Turkey ranks as one of the top three medical tourism destinations in the world where
medical tourists can access high-quality medical treatments in the most advanced
expertise and technology-equipped facilities at a reasonable cost.


Exceptional Healthcare in Turkey

Turkey’s medical facilities are among the top-ranked in the world and have the most JCI
(Joint Commission International)-accredited medical facilities of any other destination.

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Unmatched Value in Healthcare

Compared to similar quality health service providers around the world, the cost of
medical care in Turkey is usually 55%–70% lower in favor of the patient.


Global Accessibility

People around the globe can fly to Turkey directly from 127 countries and 323


A Global Attraction

In 2022, Turkey’s superior healthcare infrastructure and easy flight access from Europe,
the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia attracted around 1 million medical tourists from
those regions.


Year-Round Bliss

Turkey enjoys a pleasant and diversified climate all year. Severe weather is very
uncommon, and regardless of the season, visitors always enjoy the beauty of Istanbul, its
surroundings, and other destinations.

Your Wellbeing, Our Priority

The rapidly growing medical tourism sector in Turkey is actively promoted, supported, and supervised by the government, and active measures are put in place to protect medical tourists’ best interests.

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